New home or buying a home walkthrough checklist
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Residential Home Inspection Walkthrough Checklist
For New homes, used homes, additions, renovations and kitchen and bath remodels

Interior – Electrical

____ All receptacles and switches work, proper polarity checked

____ GFCI receptacles tested and working

____ Switches and receptacles are the proper color

____ All device plates installed straight and tight to the walls

____ Light bulbs installed in all fixtures and all in working condition

____ Telephone Jacks working

____ Cable TV Jacks working

____ Network jacks working

____ Door Bell working

____ Electrical Panel or panels labeled accordingly

____ Final Electrical Certificate issued if needed

Interior – Plumbing

____ Correct fixtures and colors

____ Toilets all working

____ Faucets all working

____ Showers and bathtubs all working

____ Whirlpool Tub working

____ No scratches, chips or nicks on any plumbing fixtures

____ Hot water heat, each zone working properly

____ Outdoor spigot working

____ Final Plumbing Certificate issued if needed

Interior – General

____ Painting satisfactory in all rooms, closets and stairways no touch-ups required

____ Walls, no dents, scratches, nicks or bad finish

____ Windows all working and sealed properly

____ Doors all working and sealed properly. All keys acquired

____ All glass in windows and doors good with no cracks or chips

____ Wood floors properly installed and finished with no stains or marks

____ Carpets properly installed with no stains and all seams match

____ No squeaking floors or walls

____ Wall coverings installed properly with no damage

____ All interior wood trim and moldings in place and properly installed with no open          
miters or cracks

____ All Air Conditioning working properly

____ Heating units working properly

____ Appliances are the correct color and models

____ Appliances are all working properly

____ All cabinets and countertops checked for scratches, nicks, cuts, cracks or burns  

____ All cabinet doors open and close properly

____ All cabinet hardware installed properly

____ Basement checked for evidence of dampness, cracks in foundation and leaks


____ All windows and doors tightly sealed

____ Exterior house finish, siding, brick or mortar matching

____ Exterior shows no cracks or damage

____ Ground graded properly away from the structure

____ Shrubbery at least 2-3 feet from the foundation

____ Gutters and leaders all installed and not damaged

____ Roofing installed flat with no missing shingles and the proper color

____ Landscaping meets contract requirements


____ Jobsite is clear of all debris

____ Check all options such as garage door opener, garbage disposal etc.

____ Received all instruction manuals, directions and warranties

____ Fireplace works properly, Draft and damper working

____ All proper paperwork received and Certificate of Occupation

____ All items in the house are the right color, model and size as specified in contract

____ Special instructions for care of floors, finishes, counters etc have been reviewed
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