Most Common Electrical Problems
Troubleshooting Tips
 I have listed the most common electrical problems that I have come across. These are problems
that we see over and over. For that reason they are not only common problems but have common
solutions. If you find your problem question just click on it for the answer and explanation. Some
electrical problems have a number of possible causes. If you would like to contribute to these
pages please
contact us, we would be happy to add your questions.
Half the power in my house is not working, different things are not working in
my house, electric is out in half my house or home.
 First before you go crazy check the obvious. Make sure no circuit breakers are off or tripped
and no fuses are blown.
 This another common electrical problem. The most likely cause is a loose connection either at
the point where the power company wires connect to the service wires on your home. The
connection or splice problem can also be further out in the power companies system. The correct
term would be you lost a phase. In most residential situations you have two 110V-120V lines
coming into your home. If you were having this problem and wondered why when you turned on
your electric range or dryer and lights that weren't working suddenly come on it's because the
appliance is acting as a bridge bringing that same line that is working back to the electric panel and
creating a back feed.
 This is not a problem to be tackled by a Do it yourself person. Call your local power companies
emergency number and report the problem. Some utilities will require you to call out an electrician
first but call them first and let them tell you how to proceed. Until the problem is fixed, do not use
any 220V appliances such as your electric range or cooktop, electric dryer or central AC.
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Electrical Troubleshooting
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