Kitchen Lighting Plans and Ideas
Developing A Kitchen Lighting Plan
Every kitchen is different and for that reason there is no one kitchen lighting plan
that will work for everyone. Different people have different tastes and some like
more light than others. What we have put together here, and will continue to
expand on, is a collection of different kitchen lighting plans and ideas. It is much
easier sometimes to see a kitchen floor plan with the lighting drawn in to help
visualize the whole lighting plan. All these kitchens would also have kitchen
undercabinet lighting.
Galley kitchen lighting plan
Here is a very basic Galley kitchen with a simple
lighting plan. What we have done here is provided 6
recessed lights on 2 sets of switches. One row of 3
lights is controlled by a 3 way switch at each end of the
room. This makes it possible to enter the room from
either end and turn a light on. The other 3 lights are
controlled by a single switch at one end. An alternative
would be for both rows to be controlled from both
Large kicthen lighting ideas
In this kitchen layout the
perimeter is illuminated using
4" or 5" recessed cans. The 3
lights near the sink could be
recessed cans or pendants,
or one pendant over the sink
and the other two recessed
cans. These would be
switched separate from the
rest of the recessed lights. If a
pendant is used over the sink
that can be switched
independently as well. The
ceiling fan can have a light to
enhance lighting in the room,
but without it the lighting
should be sufficient. If no fan
is desired, the center unit
could be a fixture to match the
U Shaped Kitchen lighting plan
To develop a kitchen lighting plan we
need to look at all aspects of the room.
A skylight in a room can present a bit of
a challenge from a lighting aspect.
During a sunny day it's not a problem,
but on a cloudy day or at night it is a
major concern. Since the skylight
generally takes up the center are of the
rooms ceiling and central general
lighting is out. A layout similar to the
one on the left would provide the room
with good general lighting for this layout.
A light even to the one across from it
could be added in front of the range, but
it is not necessary as the hood usually
has ample light.
This is a large kitchen and we are using 4"
cans. With 4" cans the light spread is not as
large as a standard 6" can. To be sure we
have good coverage we need to keep the
spacing 4 feet or less. There is a fan with
no light in the middle of the room. The
orange recessed cans are what I consider
optional but I would suggest them. It is
important not to place them too close to the
fan and also to keep those four on a
separate switch. This is to be sure the fan
doesn't create a strobe effect with those
four lights.
Here on the left is an L shaped kitchen with an L shaped
peninsula. The recessed cans we are using here are 5".
Part of the kitchen lighting plan should be control. For
example in this plan we could separate these lights into 3
groups on three switches. The 5 lights on the L counters
on the left side would be one. The three remaining
recessed cans to the right on another switch and the
pendants over the peninsula on another.
Over the peninsula we are using a
monorail track system
which can be bent to match the contour of the peninsula.
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Below is a kitchen with some pictures to show what we actually did. This was an existing
kitchen, the cabinets were not being replaced. The ceiling is vaulted and the existing lighting
was 2 eight foot fluorescent fixtures from the 1960s. The homeowner couldn't stand the
lighting any longer. Below in the first picture you can see where the fixtures are removed.
Kitchen lighting plan
Below you can see a laser chalk line that I use to make it easier to line the cans up properly.
We are putting 3 rows of 3 cans in each row with one additional can over the island. They are
Halo regressed eyeballs with halogen 65 watt halogen bulbs. In this particular case we had to
wait for the carpenter to repair the holes left by the old fixtures.
Kitchen lighting layout
Kitchen lighting layout
Below is the above room with the
lights installed and the ceiling painted
Recessed lights vaulted ceiling
If you would like to see more from this job take a look at how we planned for 9
pendant lights in a diamond shape on a vaulted ceiling. Come back soon as
we will continue to expand this page.
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